Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Page

Folding?? WHAT folding? Don't know what you are talking about! {wanders away whistling aimlessly with hands behind back}

I so enjoyed yesterday's page, that I decided to do another one today.
But MAN, this one seemed to take a long time, and I rest the blame squarely on the shoulders of some scrappers who always inspire me... :-)

The page is based on a deceptively simple layout by simpple layout & sketch queen Nicole (everything has to be measured precisely so it all lines up!!). I decided to continue with the cool handwriting font (though in this case it doesn't look right, but who cares? its done!) which more or less, was inspired by Nicole's Canadian blogger friend Barb (sorry, don't have her blog link). Then the brads for the dot points, which I always do now, originally came from an article or blog post from Rebecca ages ago. And the butterflies, oh the butterflies.

The butterflies: I own a Cuttlebug, a very un-used and neglected Cuttlebug, that I considered selling. Then Ingunn {when I grow up, scrapping wise, I want to be like Ingunn!} posted an album she did with die-cut butterflies...I fell in love and rushed out...well I didn't rush OUT so much as rushed to the internet, and searched for butterfly dies for my Cuttlebug {for the best price I could find of course!}. And bought two different sets - Sizzlets and Quickutz.

I have decided, when I finally do our wedding album, that Quickutz butterfly will feature. Butterflies were not involved in our wedding, but daisies did, and flowers and butterflies go together, don't they?!

Anyhow, I didn't really like this page much, (as there are some measuring/cutting mistakes hidden under the carefully placed butterflies!) to start off with, but now its done, I don't mind it. I've never pulled a page apart yet (I'm far too lazy!) and so, in the album it goes, another story told. {and in this case, the photos have nothing to do with the little antecdotes about Georgie - the photos were only taken 'cause they looked so cute and had no story attached, but went perfectly with what I wanted to say about how sweet she looks but how UN-sweet she behaves!)
Still haven't done the camping tale yet, have I?! I'll be back later...

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