Friday, July 31, 2009

Missing In Action

Hey there! I am still here, just with a bit happening here in the sticks, but not that much to blog about - or rather lacking the motivation to download camera and then upload them here.

On Sunday we worked some cattle through the yards at LC, and drafted off the second mob of weaners for the year. Kids came along, and had a great time playing in the dirt, chasing the calves like a mob of over-excited cattle dog pups, and getting pretty grubby. Imagine my delight when we got home, turned on the tap for a nice, warm and soapy bath - and NO WATER. Had to wait 45 minutes for the water folk to get the bore pump started.

My middlest girl and I went to the big town on Wednesday, to stock up on groceries and for me to get a haircut. She had a great day with Mum, and she pretty much single handedly unpacked two overflowing trollies at the checkout (there's an art to loading up one's trolley to get maximum use of space!).

Right now I have just finished baking a double batch each of Choc Chip and Anzac biscuits for us to sell at the "Food Shed" at our local race meeting tomorrow (the school P & C does the catering, as one of our yearly fundraisers). Some of the Anzacs are, shall we say...a little CRUNCHIER than the others, and I think they might be staying home tomorrow! I have to say I am most pleased with myself for this (for me) marathon baking effort, and to only have one moderatley over done tray of biscuits is a fairly good result!

A long awaited camping photo.... of me! ye gads - my sister in law took these, and really I should disown her for taking this sort of photo - no warning, no chance for me to touch up my lipstick and powder my nose, book myself in for some liposuction...and aren't I brave for sharing it with you! {sigh} Just keepin' it real folks, keepin' it real....

My girls and their cousins, sitting on a big rock overlooking the river...I think Kate was making sure that Miranda didn't topple backwards - that's a sheer drop behind them - either straight into the water or onto the sand - either way, it was a good 10+ metres!

Anyhow, best go and make some cute labels for my freshly packaged biscuits, and then drag out the race outfits for the family...and myself. Its turned cooler again, so I've had a change of plans for my own attire - mostly centred around how I can stay warm and comfortable whilst also pretending I look stylish and ten years younger!

I'll share some race photos with you in a few days!


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Life just gets in the way of blogging sometimes! Good on you for keepin' it real. I think we all need to admit that life ain't always glitz and glamour - especially when we're camping! You look suitably relaxed in that pic. Have fun at the races tomorrow. We're off to Auskick as usual in the AM. Better rug up! Happy weekend. Love PS. did you find your crochet hooks?

  2. Love the keeping it real shot!!! Your commentary on it brought a giggle from this end. Totally love your blog. So wish you didn't live so bloomin' far away. You HAVE to get the weekend off next scrapping getaway and come join us.

  3. Your life looks so fun!!!Hard work but always fun. Keeping it real is exactly what we all want to read, perfect post and great photo. It reminds me to take more of myself.
    I agree with Nicole, you need to live closer...or have some time off :)

  4. Aaaah if you cant let it all hang out when you're camping when can you?

  5. Totally love the realness...we so need to have you at a scrap weekend...we would have so many laughs!!!

  6. aww, you guys are nice! that photo is very very real, that's for sure...considering ways I might be able to escape to Sydney for the weekend ;-)


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