Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hobbling Along

I am SO annoyed with myself! Remember a few months back, I turned my ankle very badly (a trip to do the doctor probably should have occurred, but didn't), so badly that my ankle and foot swelled up and went black and blue with bruising. Took me ages to walk properley, and I still favour it when pressured.

Well, until yesterday morning. I must be turning into a klutz in my old age. I was walking to feed the chooks, mis-stepped off a paver about 2.5 cm high, and turned my other GOOD ankle. And fell flat on my face. Again I heard a nasty pop, but I knew straight away that it wasn't as bad as the last time...but still, my ankle is quite swollen, but at least my foot hasn't immediatley swelled up like last time, and I could walk on it, with caution, after feeling sorry for myself for a minute or two (no-one else around to give me sympathy!)

Why is it, when fully able bodied, I have no desire to do any of the household chores that haunt me, but as soon as I become limited in movement, I suddenly want to play catch up, and can't?!

Oh well, hopefully I will return soon with a page or two - at least I can do that! ;-)

(apologies for no pics, but no one needs to see my neglected feet!)

1 comment:

  1. You might get very good at hopping!
    Hope it feels better soon.


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