Sunday, July 19, 2009


This is not a camping post! ** Instead, it is all about the few things I am gathering together to make up an outfit to our local race meeting in two weeks time.

Of course, I have NOTHING to wear...well, not quite, but you know how it is! I am giving myself two options, starting with a base of either white linen pants, or dark blue denim trouser jeans (both wide legged).

So where is a girl to go when she is out in the sticks and needs to do some shopping, but isn't going NEAR any shops? She heads to ebay (what did I ever do without the internet?!)

Decided to go with my navy pants as a place to look for a colour theme (and remembering I have a new white blouse that I could wear with them) and opting out of a hat this year, as the P & C is running the "Food Shed" (classy in this part of the world!), I searched for a fascinator. And came up with this little number! Navy doesn't seem popular for a fascinator (there only being one!) but more better for me - a bargain!

Then comes the dilemma about footwear. Hmm, I have some cute red wedge heels (not too high) but they are open toed. Right now, I really have a complete outfit with the blue pants, white blouse, navy fascinator and red shoes. But, horror of horrors! I don't have a red handbag to complete the ensemble! (not one the kids have hi-jacked into the dress up box, I don't!). So back to ebay, to find this other little bargain (its a small shoulder bag - should just tuck under my arm when on my shoulder) that no one wanted. Sigh. I do so love a bargain!

Then I started thinking, which can be dangerous... what it it turns into a warm day? What if I want to wear my white pants instead?! White top AND pants is not a good combo for our races, and sad to say, my favourite top that I like to wear with my white pants is, shall we say... a little snug (sobs quietly). Mind you, so are the pants, but the right top & the wonderful array of suck-er-in underwear can help with that (not much can be done with the bosums, sadly!).

Anyhow, the back up plan - navy shoes to go with my white pants. I haven't had navy shoes for years, and apparently they are not in plentiful supply. But I found these, that again no-one else wanted... am a little pleased - I think Zoe Wittner is a fancy brand of shoe, yes? And low heels for this idiot who manages to sprain BOTH ankles (though at seperate times) in a period of three months.

And below is the replacement shirt for the one that is too tight... not perfect, but navy shirts are apparently a hot item on ebay and was outbid ridiculously on another one I was bidding on.

While I was searching for shirts, I found this other navy and white shirt...and hmm, THAT would look nice with BOTH pairs of pants! I am still waiting to see if I have won this one...
So there you have it: Races outfit(s) for 2009! Obviously focusing on a theme of navy, white and red... the fascinator being the common denominator.
But, help needed here, oh fashionable friends: jewellry - do I go for the classic pearls (which I already have) or pearl/silver earings, or perhaps look for a trendy, chuncky red necklace to tie it all together, teamed with silver earrings?

Your due consideration would be appreciated!

**Normal programming will return shortly. I apologise for any shock or inconvenience this post may have caused.

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  1. It all looks fab! What DID country people do pre-internet??? The mind boggles. Well, city people too. Not so much for the shops, but for the socialising. Ninety percent of my socialising is done online! And banking. Can you imagine actually having to GO to a bank! The mind DOES boggle.


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