Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sketch Challenge Layout

Well, I am pleased to report that I have had some wins this week, crossing a few things off my list of things to do in the office. I can't say that my washing has been folded though (well, little bits of it have been) but it IS clean!

Today I acheived very little, with the whole family affected with Saturday morning-itis (we all watched Hannah Montana together) and so the slow and lazy start reflected the pace for the rest of the day. Well, not Trevor, he still went and did a lick run (with his little offsider; he was so important heading off with His Dad WITHOUT any sisters!) but was only away for a couple of hours.

Anyhow, Nicole posted a sketch challenge a few days ago - here is the original sketch:

And here is my version:

The lady bug covers an error I made in printing the journalling (I turned it around and printed it again!) I should have used a tree, but don't have any, and couldn't be bothered making one from hand or finding a free one on the net.

That cool handwriting - that's not my own, sadly! It's a font called PeaColston from kevin and amanda ; I plan to go searching for another handwriting font that will more closely match my own but still be "cool"! And then I won't ever have to worry about spacing and even-ness and so on!

Anyhow, its freezing here (though not the ridiculous 1 degree or less that it was two nights ago!) and my girls need putting to bed after having an extended bedtime to watch a Harry Potter movie on TV. (incidentally, I am so putting the new movie on my Christmas list - hope its on dvd by then!)

I promise I will produce some camping/fishing stories and photos soon(!), though I am not feeling enthusiastic about editing them. I think that the disappointing quality might have something to do with it (photographer/camera issues? who knows!)

Hope you are keeping warm in your part of the country...and that you caught Grey's the other night (POOR GEORGE! I didn't see that coming!)


  1. George dies. Sorry if I wrecked it or you (!). Really, The actor wants out of Greys. Imagine wanting to be away from McDreamy? I read all about it by googling Greys after the season finale. I did, BTW, fold my washing during Grey's, but only in the commercials. Like you said, full attention required!
    On another note, I'm happy to see you posting after threatening not too, and I LOVE that lady beetle!! Very clever of you to use it to cover mistake. Nice.

  2. Gorgeous LO...And Grey's caught me completely by surprise too! What an ending!


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