Sunday, July 5, 2009

Its done but...

I did this today using a digital collage pattern thingy I found somewhere out there on the www. Not sure that I like it, however its DONE and another one for the "family" album. {I think the photo of Angus all dressed up with the girls will probably make another reappearance in his album...especially with the story attached of him running out to greet the men - Dad, uncle and Grandad - in his sequinned finery! They are very blokey blokes!}

Anyhow, without further ado, my neice's recent birthday (husband's niece, actually)

The pages as a whole make up a double 12x12, but again, done seperatley so they can be printed and then attached to cardstock base. I think the finished "real" version will be different to this digital one, I think this one is too busy. It may not even end up the double 12x12, maybe smaller. I really must get all of these collages printed and finished properly!

By the by - extrafilm have $3 8x10's, that's the best online price I can find - anyone else find a good deal?

Edited to add: anyone wondering about the HUGE candles? My s-i-l forgot to bring normal birthday candles (the "party" was at the grandparents property, where the men where working) and the only candles we could find were the everyday in-case-the-power-goes-out variety. Didn't matter, she was too scared to blow them out and her little boy cousin was QUITE happy to blow them out, without asking!

Anyhow, best go and try and remove my boot from my foot, I don't think sitting at the computer desk has helped in anyway (I would have been better off folding that laundry, though it would not been nearly half as fun!)

Got a few other digitally made collages to do - I seem to be doing the "recent events" in that fashion for the family book, and the kids (where I still in 2007!) in paper. Whatever way, I am happy just to get some pages out and done - enjoying the process, and remembering!


  1. When you only get 2 candles you need them to be of the significant variety - good improvising!

  2. LOVE the 2 huge candle story. Too funny. Some great journaling, right there...


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