Thursday, May 13, 2010

An exciting discovery

well, for me at least. 

Today I had reason to wonder if it were possible to get 12"x12" prints in Australia. Not something that I had put much thought or research into, as until now I had reason to believe NOT.

After a very quick internet search, I have found a place in Australia that will print 12 x 12 scrapbook pages.  Not printed on photo paper (I am planning a post on my favourite online printing places, to share my research with my other living-in-the-sticks friends who sadly can't pop into Harvey or Kmart to get a few prints done!) but on heavy matt card stuff.

Paper Divas will print a 12 x 12 page (oh rejoice, you digital and hybrid scrappers!) with a narrow white border, which you may trim or leave as is, on 300gsm matt artboard.  

Pricing, quite reasonable I think too: 

$6.50 each for 1-3 prints
$5.50 each for 4-30 prints
$4.50 each for 31-50 prints
$3.50 each for 51 + prints
(plus postage of course)

This might solve some of my problems I am having in trying to rearrange some of the lovely 12x12 templates I have from my DYL class (to make bits fit on 8x10 for printing and then sticking down on card, which will work in some cases)

Check it out - and if you get some printed, I would love to hear what you think of the quality etc.  While I have no plans to go fully digital (but love the flexibility of hybrid), this surely is another tool in getting pages done and stories told. Pictures + stories - what I love about this addictive hobby.

Edited to add:  also discovered My Reflections will do a 30x30 poster print for $4.50 per page, plus postage. However this is printed on 170gsm paper, which is the same weight paper and has the same finish as the photo books that this company also makes.  For reference, normal A4 photocopy/document paper is 80gsm. 

Price is quite cheaper. Hmm. Comments and experiences welcomed!


  1. Oooo Oooo Oooo, on my to do list. Saw Jo mention K Mart earlier. Hurry up girls am waiting on a quality report. It's one reason I have avoided the 12 x 12 templates. I was never sure how I would print them!

  2. Must go and check this out - I'm getting sick of resizing all my 12x12 digi templates to 8x8 which is not a size I really like.

  3. You're brilliant! Excellent! Must send some trials away.


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