Sunday, May 30, 2010

First of Three

I've taken a short break from the photo book layouts from previous posts (realising that I am not going to meet the deadline for the two for one deal, but also safe in the knowledge I have a voucher there already to get one half price book!).  Nicole had a post HERE about a q & a for your kids - something she had done before, but I haven't ever.

So, today, one by one I did this with my kids, pairing their answers with the most recent photo of them - which happened to be a whole TWO WEEKS ago!  (yegads).

Here is the first installment.  I'll share the rest later when I;ve got them finished, more for the benefit of reading the answers, as they will all be made from the same template.  I had to bribe the boy to get him to sit with me for the 50 seconds required to undertake this little project, so some of his answers are hilarious (for me anyhow!)

I was too lazy to matt this digitally (it IS Sunday!) but ultimatly when printed it will be mounted on 8.5 x 11 cardstock (or 12x12 if I feel the need for a strip of pretty paper at the time). Probably cheaper to get the photo printed and print the text on cardstock and then stick it all together, but then I'd have to wait and then it would never be done at all.

And its missing a date stamp on it somewhere, I'll fix that up when I do the others.  This quiz was done this morning.


1 comment:

  1. G'day!

    It looks great Sharon and the photo is just lovely - I can't wait to read the young mans answers .... sure to be a hoot!


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