Friday, May 28, 2010

photobooks and other things

Firstly, before I get into some more photobook layouts, let me share a snippet of conversation overheard in our house this evening, between father and daughter # 1.
"So, what was your face doing under her bum?!"
Please tell me its not just in my household that these sort of discussions take place (why it took place here was that apparently daughter #2 farted in the face of daugher #1 - which quite frankly cracks me up ;-) and daughter #1 objected strongly.  However, it was never established as to why #1 was silly enough to put her face near the bottom of #2, given her ability to produce rather smelly AND noisy bottomly explosions without warning!)

Anyhow, enough bum humour. Photo books. Still working away on my 2009 project, in between daily life and helping my husband with some cattle work and carting horses around the district.  I won't share all of the pages, as you will have most likely seen all of these images before here at some stage!  I share though to give you some idea of how I am adapting this template to suit myself retrospectively.

And as a note, I am kicking myself that I didn't look at snapfish's photo books a little sooner:  they are now doing 8x8 and 12x12 books - making the same 12x12 template from CZ VERY attractive (no flipping of templates needed!)....should I or shouldn't I?!  ;-)

I couldn't get the journalling block bits of the CZ template I have (8.5 x 11) to work tipped on their side, so instead I have dropped in little captions where needed. Just a few words here and there.

I have also drawn out on a bit of paper my page planning - knowing in advance how many pages I have available in my snapfish album (hoping to fit it all in without having to add in any extra over the standard). I have room for some full sized photo pages, which is good because not all of my selection for each month fit on the one collage page.  And variety is good, yes?

So, there you have it.  The rest of the book will be somewhat similar, dropping in the photos and adding the little captions; working out what will fit in, without having to think too hard about things. And I;ve just noticed a tiny mistake on the page above....which means I really should call it quits for tonight.  My brain and body are both tired tonight, and not communicating well with each other, so to bed (in my flannellete jarmies!) it is for me.

Hope this inspires you as well - I am really enjoying putting these pages together! Thanks for dropping by.


    And love the fart humour as well ;)

    I like this size better than the 12 x 12. Your pages look perfect this way.
    Mmmm seriously need to think about this!!!

  2. I like these captions anyway Sharon ... what font did you use?

  3. Museo Slab 500 - a free font that I found that is close to the Archer font (if you can find one even more similar for free, please tell me!)


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