Monday, May 24, 2010

Gardening in the Country

Sunday was spent at a local property near us, where I helped organise and cater for an Open Garden Day, with a guest speaker (somewhat a of celebrity for those of us that garden in western Queensland, he does a garden talk back show on the ABC radio up here). Over 100 people came along, which is a huge crowd for an event quite aways from town.  Everyone had a great day, and listened raptly to the guest speaker (he spoke for ages, and was very funny, and very knowledgeable.  And thinks urine is the gardeners best friend. Yes, you did read correctly! PEE)

It was a great day out, and of course I had my camera on hand to capture the gardens and lovely old homestead.  Our little P & C Association were also given the opportunity to run a little stall on the day, selling cold drinks - many community members donated plants for us to sell, and we were also given a HUGE pile of pumpkins to sell, as well as a stubby carton full of bush lemons (which are the best sort of lemons of course, although I do remember something about that their juice may not be the sort that helps set cheesecakes....anyhow I digress). So our little stall made a healthy profit for the day, which is great for our small school.

For once I didn't take a single picture of my kids for the WHOLE day, concentrating more on the garden and the activities (one of my tasks for the day).  The kids pretty much ran free range all day, playing in a huge cubby house with other kids and hiding in the large gardens.  They had a ball - and were absoltuley smashed by the time we left.  {we are still recovering today}.

If you are interested, we have made a blog with more information and images of the day, but I won't share the link here as it contains the contact details of organising committee members.  But if you would like the link, please leave a comment or email me on the address over there > and I will be happy to share it with you!


  1. WOW!!! What great shots Sharon. And what a wonderful day you all organised. So want to visit your part of Australia :)

  2. Nice to hear from you again after being so quiet for so long. GORGEOUS house pics!

  3. I love QLD homesteads and the grounds do look lush and shady. Well done with the P&C efforts, and the photography of course!

  4. The girls got it right. The shots are gorgeous. And I love the glipmse of your part of the world. You always remind me of my holidays to my aunty's farm. Those house shots remind me of the little old one on the property. The history!


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