Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two and Three

No, that's not the temperature here at the moment, but could very well be by morning.  I think it might be in the very early tweens at the moment, which means my time here at the keyboard will not be long and lingering this evening! So much for tropical north queensland....

What I refer to in the title is the questionaire layouts for children two and three. Same basic design, but with their answers. Keeping it simple, so I don't have to think so much, and I can worry about other matters like when will Greys Anatomy be on next and how far behind the U.S are we with the series....


Daughter #2, a funny little thing who drives me nuts, and who we've always said marches to the beat of her own drum.  She adores animals (this is the child that catches the green frogs) and I suspect, once she gets over wanting to be a mum when she grows up :-) she'll be a vet or somehow be involved with animals. She can also do the splits (or close to) with sickening ease.

The cheeky face pretty much tells the story. His faces becomes grubby the moment he gets out of bed, and pretty much stays that way all day, even though someone at some stage will occassionally give it a swipe with a washer or wipe.  And I just HAD to type in the answers the way he says them.

So, there you have it, I have finally managed to get three pages done in just a short time (not including interuptions!).  I've saved my basic template, so I think I will revist this, with similar questions, in twelve months time. Someone remind me, OK?!


  1. Love the pages and I love how you recorded the answers, its the little things that get lost.
    And try to do it around birthday time each year, or pick one kids birthday. Mine r same month thats how I remember. The pics are gorgeous.

  2. Sharon
    The pages and photos are lovely. It's such a great memory to have them written down because I'm flat out remember what one kid said yesterday, let alone each year. Good work. Kathy A

  3. PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!



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