Monday, August 9, 2010

Bunting and Doilies

Allright, so I am late to this bunting craze, and recently have also been reintroduced to the simple loveliness of paper doilies. Combine the two, and well…some quick and easy decorating for the sixth birthday coming up in two weeks!


And here’s some more to inspire you as well (I can see this done in a shadowbox frame with either fabric or paper as well – and pen or computer printing instead of the embroidery)


And more (made from hankies!  I can see this, made very quickly, hanging up around the kids “new” cubby house!

 vintage hanky bunting 5 


A modern twist on the old fashioned crocheted doilies.  Although I am not that sure that I can bring myself to die the ones in my possession from my granma – even though I don’t use them!

cake_buntingAnd the discovery of this cute but oh so simple birthday cake may very well change my plans for both the cake decorating AND the cupcake birthday invite I had whipped up for my daughters upcoming birthday.

My next new obsession – that bakers twine…anyone know where I can get my hands on some ?  (mind you, my local supermarket carries paper doilies, so who knows what they might have in their string and glue section!)

Hmm…digital bunting brush for pse as well? anyone seen one?

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  1. THE CAKE!!!!! I'm not into the bunting rage but this is changing my mind BIG time!!!

    Can't find a supplier of the twine is Australia - did I email the US contact to you? If not I'll do so again.
    I'd say I've seen digital bunting in my travels but couldn't pinpoint the exact supplier - sorry.
    Actually, I think brown twine would look really good with the paper doilies and especially outdoors ... it's that kraft obsession I have ;-)

  2. ooh love that birthday cake!! Amelia just came over to have a look and is now considering for birthday next month - thank for your inspiration!

  3. I found bakers twine at the twinery on big cartel - they are a US company, but had super-quick postage, and resonable prices with the $A being so good atm... they're on facebook, and often have codes, so check them out (otherwise the other place I found bakers twine was ebay, but the supplier there didn't have the purple/white that I wanted)

    gorgeous buntings, btw


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