Friday, August 20, 2010

This is me

Inspired by Nicole’s and Amy’s self portraits not long ago, I thought I would give it a crack, body issues and self loathing aside! ;-)

I had visions of using swathes of patterned paper which I “thought” had downloaded last night but appear to have disappeared into the ether.  But instead I have gone the total opposite way and used NONE. Not quite what I had in mind but it was quick, and easy. When printed I’ll either drop onto some plain cardstock or maybe even add a tiny strip of patterned paper somewhere.

I COULD print it at home right now, but really I should be doing something else entirely like organising myself for the chaos that the next 10 days are going to bring (um…six year old birthday and then going to town and back preparing for the campdraft and then FOUR days of driving to town and back and only being here to shower, sleep and check on the girl that is looking after the kids for the duration of this wretched campdraft! Oh and that last ONE day of driving to town back to do the banking and clean up AFTER the campdraft. And was there a kids birthday in there somewhere? Poor baby.)

Anyhow, after all that, here it is:

 this is me

So that’s about it. Oh, and that crocheting effort from my last post. COMPLETE disaster.  Did not work past the first line of instructions. So I did something else instead and did quite a few meaningless but non the less addictive rows of simple crochet which will probably be claimed as a dolls blanket or something (as really that is all it is fit for!)

See you in about ten days time! off to do some of the something else’s that are awaiting!

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  1. Sharon ... this is fantastic! I love the effect on the photo and the page is so elegant, and, not to mention truthful - I know I lack a lot of motivation to do half of the things I should!

    Hey, enjoy the next ten days - remember to live through them and not just get through them :-)

  2. I love this photo of you. Both the effect and the pose are soft. Wonderful! Love it!

    Don't worry, sometimes motivation is over rated.

  3. Love this...what Amy said :)
    Honesty is good!!!

  4. Sharon your always a beauty I love this photo of you everything about the page is beautiful...I agree with Diane Honesty is Good :)

  5. I hear you Sharon, on all accounts....sometimes it's all too hard and you need to pull out a lot of inner strength to lose weight. I do however, love the photo and the simplistic white page. One day when you are ready you will have the inner strength but you have recognized now is not that time so accept that too.

  6. I love this...what a gorgeous photo! You are simply fabulous :)

  7. Great photo Sharon. Its all those things you say you don't like about you that we all like about you.
    See you at the Campdraft.

  8. I have no idea what camp draft is, but holy cow, you look gorgeous in this shot!! Who took it?? If it was the self timer, I am totally jealous, cause you look just lovely! Page is brilliant, just as it is. Make sure it gets printed though and not left somewhere in the depths of your hard drive!

  9. What a great photo. Such a soft effect. That is so much of all our lives.

    Hope your next few days go well.


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