Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My little girl is big and other matters

So I am back from the world of campdrafting and being secretarial and away from home for five days straight. The joys of volunteering!

Long story short, it all went quite well, despite my short stint as an ambulance driver (multi tasking!  all good – a lady had a fall from her horse and needed to get to hospital, and the ambulance can’t drive itself when the paramedic is tending to the patient!) I was most pleased to get to bed Monday night after packing and tidying everything up at the venue, and doing the banking.

Anyhow, before all of that campdraft who-ha, my second daughter had an early birthday celebration, seeing as I was going to be away for her actual birthday.  I decided to do the bunting thing for the cake.

018She liked it, and I have to say this was one of my better cake decorating efforts..despite adding the number six in those sparkly things and regretting it! (she liked it though!) I could have made the flags a touch smaller – and I considered piping her name on top of the cake instead of the conchos, but I was short on time.

003  027She scored a new bigger bike from Granma, and I think she was very pleased to get her very own tea set, just like her big sister did for her birthday.  It seems to have been well used over the past weekend!  The only problem with this great little set, that Shannon found for me at Aldi, is that the cute cardboard suitcase that they come in isn’t all that durable for my rough kids who have tea parties out under the tree and cart it around the flat.  I will have to keep an eye open for a different, more durable storage container for each set (probably just a plastic cake dish from silly solly’s!)

And in the most exciting news for this now six year old girly – she FINALLY lost a tooth, just days after the actual day!  She was SO excited to have reached this milestone (her big sister loosing teeth at a rapid rate from the age of 5 and a half onwards!) and that little gap at the bottom is terribly cute!

I must set the girls up in their birthday tutus with their tea sets for a little photo shoot one day….I have been neglecting my camera lately, which has to change!

Right, off to catch up on some more sleep and rest this exhausted brain of mine!


  1. love that cake - you did a great job!! will probably have to steal idea next week for amelia. Glad you are home from camp draft. Hurry on over to my blog for a giveaway ending today!

  2. coooool cake...
    now rest, breathe, clean then SCRAP!!!!!

  3. The cake is fantastic Sharon - the bunting is perfect in my opinion and the six looks great - awww, she's a cutie :-)

    So .... new occupation? Paramedic in the outback!


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