Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trying something new? I’m all about flowers apparently!

I saw this I think on the WCS blog, a new release from some company or other. Made from felt.

Now you know I don’t get carried away with fiddly embellishments (fast and simple being my motto) but I actually thought I could handle this sort of flower + felt, even if I DID substitute the stitching with glue if I were feeling particularly lazy! Pretty simple aren’t they? (although I do think the leaves make things too bulky)


And I decided to see if I could really crochet, and got out the “how to book” and discovered that I could indeed crochet (however I have found my book is American, and of course Americans have different names to each stitch than the rest of the world!) Sigh.

That regardless, I might have a go at these cute flowers tonight (with much bigger wool and a much bigger hook!)  and a careful eye on how each different stitch is done – although the blog from where this comes from is American, so I might be OK!  Seeing as I learnt the American way!


I’m down to two kids, and no husband (the biggest kid off on school camp at Great Keppell Island – I KNOW such a hard life they have! and the husband is at the prickle farm mustering, where the remaining kids and I have to be, bright and sparky, tomorrow morning).

So I’m thinking baked beans on toast, some Dancing with the Stars, and some figuring out of US v AU crochet terms, might keep me entertained this evening.

That’s if these two kids here EVER stop fighting and squabbling and bickering and driving me BONKERS, as they have done about 2.5 seconds after their big sister left on the bus for camp.

If I drank wine, there is a distinct possibility that I would be consuming a great deal of it in a very short time during the baked beans and Dancing With The Stars plans for this evening, instead of tangling with wool.

With that, I depart to deal with the poopied panted ratbag boy who is old enough to know better and is currently tanty-ing on the bathroom floor as I dared suggest to him that is where he should be, cleaning up his own bum and pants. GRRR.

On that note! bye.

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  1. You are such a talented woman Sharon! Multi-tasking the bottom changing and crocheting ... very impressive :-) Good luck at the prickle farm tomorrow!

  2. oh dear sharon...not a good evening!!!maybe I will try these too :) to tied to scrap

  3. What a fun night! Hope the kiddies are all tucked up in bed now. My smallest fell asleep waiting for her dinner tonight. She will be up early and hungry tomorrow. Perhaps I can send her with you.
    I think I might be able to employ you if you keep practising the crochet work. Mountain of sewing finished. Have labels to make and packing to do for big market next weekend. V excited! Love the felt flowers! I know enough talking now.


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