Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cake Stand

So, for awhile I have been looking at other people’s lovely cake stands, and admiring them, wishing I had one of my own. Possibly in the mistaken belief that the cake stand will miraculously give me some non dodgy cake decorating skills.

Anyhow, until just the other day any cake stand I had seen was way to expensive for the occasional use it was going to get.  I even contemplated making one out of a plate and candlestick holder like other crafty people out there in blogland, should I ever have find the right bits for its creation.

I was in town (our very small regional centre) on a very quick see-the-accountant excursion when I walked past the secondhand/junk shop.  $15 later, this was coming home with me.


Bohemian crystal it is not, but it is a lovely faceted glass, and while the clear plastic top isn’t probably something I would have deliberately sought out, it does serve a purpose and no doubt will be very handy.

We have a 6th birthday in the house in under three weeks, so lets see if has the desired effect on the appearance of the birthday cake.  If nothing else, it will be well presented! ;-)

PS Loving Windows Live Writer!  If you haven’t used it or have it, its brilliant!


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