Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Races

yes, Annual Race Time again, and as our P & C major fundraiser, back into the food shed I was again this year.

The kids dressed up, and the boy won Boys Fashions!  (a $20 voucher at the toy shop in town!) 

113 IMG_3311

And just in case you were thinking this was a fancy sort of race meeting, here are the workers in the food shed. its not called a shed for nothing!


133  That’s our teacher, Miss Mac – she won the trendsetters Fashion award in the little grey dress and gorgeous big flower fascinator.  (and no, it wasn’t cold at ALL on race day!)


Are you sick of seeing ME yet?  Another one, this time from within the shed, with the physco fitness crazy teacher aide (and obviously former model by its pose when the camera came out!). Peruse the background – no lawn or manicured roses at our race day! But horses and fascinators, well there were plenty of them!

Can you tell I gave myself a haircut?  by the stage this photo was taken, the lovely hairstyle I had carefully crafted before leaving for the races had morphed into my normal do-what-you-will mop.  I think that happened on the way to the car!

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  1. nice to see you for a change

  2. Awesome to see you in these pics!!!
    Love the look of the much more relaxed that Randwick!!!

  3. Where did you get the Jacket??? LOVE it!
    The boy looks like such a little cutie - has he spent his voucher yet?

  4. Love all the pictures from the race day (a true fair dinkum race day that is). Love the cake plate (a good bargain) and it will make those cakes look oooohh sooo yummy and good for your photography as well.


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