Sunday, December 19, 2010


These flower spike things on a tree over by The Shed.  I don't walk past it often, but had to shut a gate the other day, and noticed the tree flowering (think its called an Umbrella tree).  It doesn't often flower, and not where I can reach it or see the flower spikes well, but due to the humidity and rain we've gotten lately, it must have gotten excited!

_MG_5329 I was excited, and quickly snapped off a couple of spikes and put them in this jar/vase. I think they look particularly festive-y in a modern way!

_MG_5316 They don't appear to last long, even in water, but I am hoping the ones on the tree last until Christmas and I can grab some more on Christmas Eve.

Speaking of Christmas, our just-us-at-home-Christmas has grown a little with some casually thrown out invitations, to quite a gathering...the more the merrier, as long as we can adhere to the very relaxed no getting food ready just help yourselves rule for the day.  And everyone must wear stretchy waisted pants so I don't feel bad for wearing my own (who am I kidding, 'most all of the pants I own are stretchy!)

I do think I might need to find some more chairs...and a long table!


  1. These are gorgeous Sharon ... we too often have extras over on Christmas day if we are at Mum and Dad's - it is a lot more fun that way!

  2. Cool pictures.
    We will just have a small gathering here but I am sure it will be great.


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