Saturday, December 18, 2010

On the wall

The girls brought home from school some art work they have been doing all term - studying various forms and artists (like Van Gogh) and doing their version.  Their smart teacher planned this well, laminating their artworks and turning them into a calendar that is meant to have a different art work for each month.

I require the use of a rather large and spacious calendar for our family's and business monthly needs, so put the calendar part to one side and kept their art works out. This is what I did with them, with the help of blue tac and an empty wall, on which I was going to hang a series of photos over three years ago.  But didn't and got used to that nice clean empty wall!

_MG_5305 There were a couple of photos included in each of their calendars, which I didn't bother putting up, as well as two weird impressionistic bits of art that I just didn't like.  Each bit is laminated so easy to put up.

_MG_5308 Georgie's version of the famous Monet waterlilies painting/

IMG_5311Kate's interpretation of Van Gogh (using tissue paper!) love how their experimented with different mediums as well.

The girls love seeing their work on display and I think I will leave it there for quite some time (but will take down the merry christmas banner of course, and move up the row of pictures).

Thanks for dropping by!

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