Saturday, December 18, 2010


Feeling much better, after:

1. having a car door slammed on him as he was getting out of the car, and getting a nasty split on forehead. Make older sister cry after she gets roused on by mother, and then sees the blood on little brothers face.

2. going a nasty shade of grey, then "I gunna 'pew!" (and doing so) when mother was doing the butterfly clip and bandaid thing to the split skin (assesment - not bad enough to warrant the 80km round trip to Dr for gluing split together)

3. Going back to a more normal white, and having a nap, watched carefully by mother and very sorry big sister.

4. asking 150000 times for a swim (denied each and every time) due to the aforementioned injury and a green snotty nose.

This made up for the swim denial, playing in the bath tub with Blue Goo, which mother had successfully hidden in the back of the bathroom cabinet for the past twelve months.

(warning, bare bottom coming up)

_MG_5374 PS. Don't ever go out and buy that Blue Goo. Despite being harmless and non staining and non goes every-bloody-where. Just sayin'!


  1. OUCH! He seems to be doing pretty well though, and it made for a great post! I never knew there was blue stuff you could add to your bath water. No kids here, but I bet hubby would want it if he saw this.

    If you have a chance tomorrow, I'd love for you to stop by to link this to my Linky Party :)

  2. Oh dear!

    But love the photo and the reflection on the incident!

  3. Man, you lot are in the wars! A blue bath would go down well here too :-)

    Love the art wall in the last post - being too lazy to comment on both tonight ... Kate's tissue paper rendition of the sunflowers is just fantastic!


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