Friday, December 10, 2010

The Things You Find!

Some random images from my great little point and shoot camera that lives in my handbag, and comes on outings mustering as it fits neatly in a pocket or glovebox and is far less likely to be damaged than the big SLR!

But seeing as it lives in my handbag, it doesn't get downloaded that often, and when I do, its full of great little surprises...P1020170 Like this one of the kids walking along the beach front near the caravan park cabin we stayed in during a quick trip to the city in the September school holidays.

P1020174heP1020184  hee hee - this last one looks like a G rated version of a play boy cover or something - you know with the teeny bikini clad model in the waves?!

And as a total contrast, this one:

P1020241P1020252Incidentally, we got soaking wet this very same day - minus the kids. We went home for lunch and came back to walk to cows to the yards and it poured. And being in the buggy did not really keep me any dryer!

Now, best I get on and do my Christmas cards/letter before it is 2011!


  1. Love the contrast Sharon! Yes, the little gems are great to find :-)

  2. love these...esp the first one...
    That is what I have ordered for chrissy...a point and shoot to live in my handbag for this very reason :)


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