Monday, December 20, 2010


Another mini post, this time with bad photos of my own fairy lights.  Our little town has around six homes participating in an unspoken but never the less fierce competition of Christmas lights.
_MG_5341 _MG_5344 These are on my front fence.  And I was too lazy to find my tripod for a decent photo, but I still like these shots.
Even this fuzzy one of the icicle lights that I hung (with determination, as I hate ladders...I could see my husband thinking: if she can hang the bloody lights, why can't she clean the gutters?!..its different, that is why!)
_MG_5347 This is looking out my kitchen window to the back patio area, which looks magical in the dark with these lights twinkling away (and in the dark I can't see the crap that has accumulated on the table downstairs!)
But sadly, we don't come anywhere near the lead of the Light Competition.  May I present another bad photo, this time of a house across the road:
_MG_5343(taken on full zoom from the front of my house).  I think this is one instance where the Less Is More motto looses out!


  1. Man, you lot are well lit up in FNQ!

  2. photographing Xmas lights is hard...but a good display, good on you!

  3. looove the lights...will try and photograph mine :)


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