Sunday, October 23, 2011

gate crashed


obviously, he thought he was missing out! We had a little impromptu photo shoot one afternoon.... the above taken by Kate...and the below one taken by Angus! pretty good shots from the kids!

IMG_9733 And this one too, from me:

IMG_9749Little stinkers.


  1. Sharon, love all the photos even the ones taken by the kids. It represents happy fun silly times and we all need those. (ps my seats in the bbq area have built in storage so you lift the lid and all the toys, bats, footballs, frisbees are stored in there - from Bunnings....)

  2. Great Miss Sharon I need are doing cool clean colour so well :)

  3. Great scrapping photos!! esp the ones with you in them - love that top one! Cheeky Georgie in the bottom one, hehe.


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