Tuesday, October 4, 2011

slightly distracted

you know, by getting back into some sort of day to day normalcy, that is not disrupted by phones ringing non stop and fires and school camp sleepovers and packing bags for short holidays and trying to keep on top of everything else.

School started back today, but before that the kids had a last hurrah at Granny's place whilst I went and helped The Grumpy One muster and draft the weaners off the cows, and move them to a fresh paddock. This was not without grumpiness from either party and dirty looks and mumbling under ones breath.(I only know of one married couple that manages to work together in hot and trying conditions without some sort of misunderstanding or difference of opinion! We call them Barbie and Ken - Toy Story 3 anyone? which they take with good grace.)

I took my camera but didn't even get it out of the bag, it was so dusty, which is a pity as there were many a cute little wobbly legged calf to photograph, or the starkness of the blue clear skies against the burnt to a crisp, right to the tree tops, burnt country (although it wasn't dusty there, I was on the motorbike and cannot vouch for the safety of the camera on said vehicle, I am flat out maintaining safety of self whilst also watching cows, let alone the camera bouncing around as well!)

So, the other day, before I went out chasing cows and when I was procrastinating and pretending that there was nothing to do around the place,  I came across this little number, which I shared a link to with some other bloggy friends wondering why I felt the need to own it...well they did too. Sales of this little beauty went up as at least three were purchased from that one email! (even though the postage is a killer if you live west of the great divide!)

Pinned Image

I can see it at Christmas filled with a fruit punch or Sangria, or even with some orange crush cordial and ice for the kids on a hot day.

And, of course as it always happens, I found this other BIGGER glass dispensing beauty, which is bigger in capacity but on the other hand doesn't have a very wide opening at the top for putting in the good stuff. And it doesn't have the cute little stand base. But they would both look as equally as cute when full! (although what do a bunny and presents have to do with a glass drink dispenser?!)

Pinned Image

So of course I look forward to the mailman bringing me a nice not so little parcel in the near future, which I hope he doesn't drop, or throw the mailbag into the back of his vehicle with gay abondon only to hear the tinkling of glass....

Fingers crossed!


  1. Oh yes, I'm indeed one of those persons responsible for the spike in retail profit at Alfresco Emporium this past quarter! Very happy with my drink dispenser too I might add, though it's still sitting on the table awaiting suitable placement in my sadly lacking of storage home.
    Matthew has spent the first one and a half days of bull sales on a D6 trying to save Bottle Tree from fire. Dad lost most of his country, but we seem to have tamed the savage beast at the moment. I know you can empathise, though our fire was probably on a much smaller scale down here. On his way out this afternoon he found a prolapse to deal with, that's tomorrow morning's job. So much for a nice week of socialising!
    And yes, I know those Ken & Barbie types ... it can't be real!

  2. oh...lost the link...i needed one of them there drink things :)

  3. haha, Di. Making me laugh , again. Sharon, you got too much time on your hands...where do you find these things!!?


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