Monday, October 10, 2011

in case you missed it

or you don't, in fact, purchase a copy of the North Queensland Register every week, I went and scrummaged through the newspaper pile and tore out this clipping to share with you.

Its the closest to paparazzi and fame as one gets in the north ;-) well, ones five seconds of fame as the paper is flicked through I guess.

cloncurry One wouldn't think it now, but it was cold that morning out there (hence the jumper) with strong gustily southerlies, which fanned the fire that we (using the term loosely of course) fought in the days after returning from Cloncurry.

I leave you now, as I ponder on ways one might pose more flatteringly to have ones photograph taken whilst perched on the edge of a grid. Perhaps next time I might hide myself inside a trough and pose most winsomely with head and arms along the edge (and thus keeping problem areas well and truly out of sight).

I shall consider.


  1. What sticks out for me is the need for you to update your profile picture ... please :-)Print media super-star!

  2. I think it's a great photo Sharon. I could count on one hand the number of photos I have of Matthew and me together. We tend to only buy the Register intermittently, mainly when we know something that's going to be in it, may have to re-subscribe, if you're going to be splashing yourselves all over it. Had a chuckle at the thought of you posing in the trough.

  3. yes...a photo together is rare for us married folk :)


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