Sunday, October 16, 2011

lashing out

Am not sure what I was thinking, when the QBD sale email came into my inbox.  I made my selection carefully: light and not too deep and thought provoking. I have a pile of those here unread that proves that I am just NOT in that sort of mood.

Perhaps I am getting ready for those warm stinking hot summer days, wishfully thinking to myself that things will slow down and lazy afternoons of reading are just around the corner.

IMG_9689Yep, chick lit basically, but hopefully well written chick lit. I don't normally buy books - Harry Potter and titles by my favourite authors the exception, these were ridiculously cheap AND free postage. Hard to resist.

Roll on summer I say!


  1. Sigh .. you have reminded me I need to get back to the library! What a great collection of books, you may have to send one down here if it is any good!

  2. Now thats a mighty fine collection :)


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