Monday, October 17, 2011

the new girl on the block

My husband, in the past few weeks, has been preoccupied with just a few things: fires, working at our business in town in between fires, and procuring a grader. We have already both a bulldozer and loader, the former not being fast enough for fire fighting uses, and the latter having an unfortunate habit of blowing hydraulic hoses at the most inopportune times.
I am most pleased that he can now focus on any other topic other than finding a grader, as one is now parked up in our back yard, ready to get to work. She's a plain old thing, no fuss and frills, nice clean lines, and terribly vintage. (I told you that we like our machinery old in these parts!)
IMG_9702 This was quite an unexpected chunk out of the budget (HAH what budget? a fictional piece of nonsense that is at the whim and will of a fickle season and an unpredictable husband!), but a deal has been struck. The bulldozer, bless her clanking tracks, has to go. Wanna buy a second hand Cat D6 (I think...hmm, best check on that detail) anyone?
IMG_9704Right now, this old dear is a very expensive and greasy (you do not want to see my washing basket) climbing frame for the kids, as it gets serviced and waits to move to the property. And the Husband, as one might expect, is like a boy with a new toy.
Two other things I am pondering on, as I look at these photos:
1. There are now six more wheels on the ground, which means that there are six more tyres that have the potential to need replacing at some stage or other. Great.
2. She needs a name. Suggestions anyone?


  1. Our two would love to have a drive of her!
    Catherine the Great?

  2. Big Matt from over at Fionas will be able to give you a lot of help about graders and lasers - his favourite subject. Old Nev.


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