Monday, July 9, 2012

inspired by...

pinterest of course, and the re-arrangement of certain parts of my house.

Painted chest of drawers for the boys' room. Seem to have an over abundance of timber furniture in this house (with a splash of white painted stuff, which is not so user friendly for grubby hands). And even though I am not a fan of painting (as in DOING it!), if I psyche myself up enough to get in and get it done, it will happen. I like the use of silver industrial handles on this one too...

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this cool chevon pattern, which when you look closely, is cleverly made of triangles pieced into squares. Am thinking of having a crack at this soon, in the size of a cushion, for the chair that now lives beside our finally-installed-and-working wood heater/stove (see my instagram page up there at the top for further!). I am really enjoying the new arrangement of this part of my house now. See the old armchair below...which also could do with a coat of paint! and recovering as well, instead of being draped with a blanket....

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Bought this. Love it. Its metal and is a nicer colour than this dodgy pic I found on the net indicates.  For those that are interested there is also a similar sign in yellow available ; "you are my sunshine my only sunshine" (on ebay or other places around the www)

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speaking of yellow and coming back to the old paint thing, am considering applying yellow paint action (like the colour in the one above) to a plain old pine timber sideboard cupboard, that has had many lives. Not sure of its original start in life, but I first knew it holding leather working gear and horseshoes in my parents shed (and it was probably there for many years before that) Mum rescued it and turned it into a hutch with the application of an equally old book case to the top, it moved to my house as a hutch, after awhile I took the book case off and used it elsewhere, and the doors off the cupboard as they never shut properly...

Here she is, just waiting for some love and attention....(and see how much timber looking stuff is around, even the tiles behind the fire - which I love - are pine timber looking!)

Its been ffffreezing here in the far north this week, and this wood heater was installed just in the nick of time. Now the biggest problem is keeping the fire wood supply up!

Kids went back to school today, and with quite a few weekends of social activities and committee involvements happening in the next few weeks, its going to be a busy time. I've taken to pencilling in "cook x for x function" and "bookwork& BAS" into my calendar, just to remind of what needs to happen when. Possibly need to pencil in "clean office desk" to facilitate the bookwork part of the schedule as well ;-) Right now I need to action "bake some smoko food" as the cupboard is bare from the starving children stripping both the cupboard shelves and the freezer during the holidays.

(and don't get me started on the laundry, oh the laundry).

How's that for a well thought out and lucidly written post?!....and she wanders off aimlessly, whistling, thinking she might need a coffee and what was it that she was meant to be doing.....


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Here's my comment without the spelling typos!!! ;)
    Chevron quilts are my favourite, and easier to make than you would imagine ... I've made a few recently and I'm thinking there are still more that need to be made ... ;)

  3. So much inspiration on pinterest..and quilting is on my list of things to do.
    And laundry....I'm not sure mine has a floor at the moment or at least I can't see how dirty the floor is!!

  4. Love it all Sharon. Particularly that newly installed wood heater. Love the quilt, but realise that my next opportunity for patchwork will be sometime in the 2040's! And if Ainsley's honest with herself, it may be the 50's for her.

  5. I loved Kate's post on the blue chest of drawers...she is so talented that woman. Check out her own boys ikea drawers she repainted white with blue trim...stunning. Also love that yellow Ikea country cupboard thing...I'm a bit like you with wood but I say, go for it and give it a new lease of life.....


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