Monday, July 30, 2012

the toure

Outback style of course. Regular readers of this blog will recall the Toure de Prairie from years gone past, where the school kids dress up and bike their way to a nearby property homestead, about 8kms away. Complete with police escort. And then ride back again. This year, the 5th year of the Toure de Prairie, the children were sponsored, this time fundraising for Angel Flight.

This year, Angus and I missed out. Inconvenienced by broken arms and unco-operative day surgery bookings as we were.

Non the less, a few photos filtered out of the day, not quite of the quantity and quality ;-) that you are used to from previous documentation of this great day, but something is better than nothing!

This year saw the addition of livestock to the Toure,

bike ride1with the porky pig pet from across the road joining the fun. The mesh cage was only to stop the piglet from jumping off in transit, they let her out for a run at each drink stop. Kids say she quite enjoyed the ride!

bike2a smaller group this year, thanks to the flu and other commitments. Georgie went as the promised black kitty cat, thanks to a last minute dash into spotlight and finding THE perfect mask and ears and a fluffy tail, on my way home from the first Townsville trip. And saving someone angst with pipecleaners and plaits, I managed alsp to find the best wig ever for Kate's Pippy Longstocking (sadly not wired like the packet indicated).  There so happened to be two Pippi's this year, which is funny considering at least two people spoke to recently had NO IDEA who Pippi Longstocking was.

Please tell me you have read Pippi Longstocking?!

bike 3bike 4The weather was more spring/summer like on this day (the temperature plummeting the next day, as it so happens with these things) so water stops were very welcome. Lunch and some rest was enjoyed on the lawns of the homestead and then they rode back to school, some of the littler ones hitching a lift. The Kids tell me it was a great day (any day getting out of school is great!) but hot. Thanks to Grannies and Aunties for getting my girls there in costume!

And please note, those that can't believe that we get a police escort: see the police car above? Police take community involvement very seriously in these parts :-) and just quietly, I think he is as partial to a bush style smoko and sausage sizzle as the rest of us, and whilst on duty? even better!

Next on our calendar of Community Events and Committments: The Campdraft, followed shortly thereafter by The Races.

I'm weary already...


  1. Love the action shot!

    Yes, we know Pipi down here ... looks like they all had a fabulous time, the little boy will be there next year!

  2. Looks like a great time had by all. Won't let my lot know anything about it, no need for any more community events and commitments around these parts. And we are avid Pippy Longstockings fans, Jess has in fact been completely regaled as Pippi for some school event, complete with plaits with wire plaited in! Would be a photo on the blog somewhere!


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