Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the magic of new technology

I've been instagramming again. Well, since I discovered it, I have been all of the time, but if you don't have it on your phone, and don't look at my page above often, you wouldn't know that.  Anyhow, yesterday afternoon, when the light was at that short, golden, warm phase (and the temperature wasn't freezing) i walked around and snapped some shots, with my phone, as I was feeling too lazy to go and find my camera.

My point is this: one - amazing that my phone takes photos of this quality and two - that it is SO easy to quickly give them a little something something if need be, and upload to instagram. Literally seconds.

Here's yesterday afternoons offerings.

Crying boy because he broke the bottle tree. Given that 1. it doesn't have the sturdiest of branches and 2. he has been climbing to the top on a daily basis, it was only a matter of time that it before it happened. This little boy with quite a conscious was more than a bit tearful when he manfully came and told me the news.

That golden afternoon light. And the seed head on my precious ornamental grass, which is recovering from the attack of the Killer Poddies.

My favourite white bougainvillea, which can throw a delicate pink tinge through its flowers sometimes. Not this one though, pure clean and bright white.

And in the same garden bed, thriving on neglect and the water from the laundry which runs out nearby, my paperbark trees.

And now for the fun stuff. Grabbed the kids and got them to pose, more or less with co-operation, against the rustic laundry wall. I must do this again, with the PROPER camera!

The biggest girl, who loves posing and having her photograph taken..it may have been mentioned on her recent report card that she has a propensity towards drama-queen and princess like behaviour given the opportunity. Her father and I read that and laughed. Miss Mac knows the kid well (and how much attention drama-queen and princess like behaviour get given at home :) heh heh) Dramatics aside, she is a sweet,kind girl with a typical oldest child touch of bossiness.


You might be able to tell by the expression on her face, but the short girl there was in one of those moods yesterday. She is one of those kids that have a brain fart and do things that makes you wonder what on earth goes through their strange little minds at that given moment (and whose genetics are responsible). Directing those impulsions towards good rather than evil is the problem...

And to finish off, the reluctant subject...

And I think, even though taken with a cheapo supposedly smart phone, that it actually captures what a sweet natured little boy he is.

And as much as I love my boy and how easy he has been (and wondered what the dynamics of having two of each would have been like) after meeting a family of five pre-teen to late teenage boys the other day, with a sweet, gentle mum, and a happy, energetic, loud dad, I am rather pleased with my lot. How loud and rambunctious that household must be!

And how thankful for this bit of modern technology I am..my phone and instagram, I love it!


  1. One day, when I get a phone that is not a hand-me-down, I will have all of this wonderful technology and will be able to join in on the fun!

  2. Great photos...and you have to love the "instant" in "instagram". Now for me to work out how to follow on my phone..I do love a technology challenge!!
    Laughing with the middle child, my husband is always talking about our kids and their brain "explosions"!

  3. I feel like I'm being left behind, but am going to put instagram in the same basket as facebook, twitter and pinterest. I feel I can waste enough time with blogging alone. Do love your photos though. For two years now I've been wanting to try for some 'proper' portrait shots of the kids, but we're not quite there yet. Maybe next holidays, when Dad's at work we'll give it a go. What is it about little boys stealing a special piece of their Mum's hearts? You can tell he's a beautiful kid. And why is it that my own can cry as much as they like without me batting an eyelid, yet I see somebody else's and my heart breaks.

    1. Fiona, have no idea about twitter, do use facebook (sparingly) and pinterest is great place for ideas, you don't need to set up an account to use it, you can browse without, but can't make your own pinboard (nothing stopping you from printing or right click and saving the images though, if you were looking for particular ideas, like birthday cake or something)

  4. Wonderful photos! You have lovely looking children - beautiful eyes.


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