Thursday, July 12, 2012

still thinking about

inside my house.  This time the girls room.  The girls are rapidly outgrowing their current cupboards (one being a nursery style cupboard) and I have to say its driving me bonkers.  Yesterday I sat down with a pencil and paper, and with the help of the www and built in cupboard dimensions, worked out a plan.  However, instead of the rubbish (and expensive) built in cupboards that come from the likes of super-amart, whenever the builder man comes to fix my verandah up (before someone falls through the boards, which would be an adventure I wish upon no man!) I am going to get him to whip up the frame for a built in wardrobe, inside which will go those simple and reasonably inexpensive wire drawers, with a small amount of hanging space.  And then no matter how haphazardly the girls put their stuff away, one will slide a door shut over the whole mess. It will have a nice shelf at the top to hold clothes to grow into and winter stuff, and it will be all behind doors. To the ceiling if I have any choice in the matter!

Now you can see where that bonus money the government gave me the other day will be going...not towards that new camera! Practical husband raised an eyebrow and asked was there anything wrong with the old one. Umm, no (hangs head and scuffs ground).

Anyhoo, the installation of one storage facility would mean much more space in their shared bedroom, and when I came across this idea below on pinterest, a lightbulb went off.

Original idea HERE (although my version won't be nearly as flash!)  these bookcases turned on their sides come from Ikea. Lacking an Ikea store here in the sticks (and they don't freight or online order, unfortunately) similar style bookcases can be found cheaply in other stores. The installation of one big wardrobe in the girls room will leave just one dressing table and bedding in the girls room. Currently in bunk beds because of space, this idea could be carried out in the newly freed up corner of their room, or going back to standard single beds, could sit at the end of each bed. Even without the seating aspect, just as storage.

I can't tell you how happy the idea of not seeing drawers with legs of pants, and undies and other things hanging out of them makes me (or even funner, dumped on the floor in front of the drawers, messy little ratbag).

And having enough space for everything (getting bigger means bigger clothing, which doesn't fit as well in the same space that they used as babies!)

And having a storage space for each girl for all of the precious things that girlies like to keep. Although the biggest challenge, as ever, will be getting them to put it all back where it should go.

Never fear, I won't be throwing out perfectly good, albeit too small, storage. The boy will score the lovely antique wardrobe (perfectly adequate for one boy) and the nursery wardrobe/drawers will be pressed into service elsewhere, or be stored in the shed to be passed along to my new sister in law, when they might need it ;-)

Now I just to be patient, and wait, wait, wait.

Ok, enough house stuff! Hooroo.


  1. Aldi do a shelf unit similar to the Ikea one every year and Officeworks also have an Expedit imitation. Good luck, I think it is a great idea. x

  2. You have to have somewhere to put stuff (storage) in order to put stuff away and be organized. I loved that seat bench when I originally saw it.....fantastic. Look forward to seeing your organized spaces sometime in the future.


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