Sunday, July 1, 2012


Last week we (using the term loosely, my involvement was minimal) mustered, preg tested some cows and weaned their calves. Because it was school holidays, and I had other things I had to do, the kids went and "helped" dad.

I had to go and help get the cows into the laneway one afternoon, but Kate had it all sorted with her dad, once the fast riding was done she was going to jump on my motorbike and take over coming down the laneway at a more sedate pace.  This was her first solo four wheeler adventure, and she was very excited about it all.

So was I. I got to drive home two hours earlier than I would normally, and sitting behind a mob of cows walking down a laneway isn't all that exciting when you've a. done it MANY times before b. got many other things that could be getting done and c. the weather was a bit chilly.

IMG_1031 Here she is, keeping her eye on the job. More or less.

IMG_1032Mum in the toyota behind her though, was causing a bit of concern. I have yet to run over a child, although one of them claims I once ran over a cow. (I did not, I just gave it a gentle bump to persuade it to move in the direction I wanted it to. Unfortunately, it tripped over!)

IMG_1052My offsider in the ute quickly abandoned ship and went for a ride with dad while he could...

IMG_1059      IMG_1079Eventually I was able to get past the mob, and went on my merry way home (collecting the boy child on my way) reflecting on this momentous day, the day when mum starts to become superseded, in the off-siding stakes at least.

I THINK its a happy day?

IMG_1080But so far none beats that other happy day when I realised they were able to open and shut gates unaided!

I am pretty sure that one is on a par with the event of toilet training!


  1. I'd like to think of it more as succession than being superseded.
    And I well remember the delight in the first day a child was able to open and close a gate ... made it all worth while really!

  2. And all I have to look forward to is the Hervey Bay seafoof Festival and Fried Sweetlip, Stir Fried Barramundi, King Prawns, Scallops on a Half Shell, Prawn and Blue Swimmer Crab with Hervey Bay Bug Platter, Hot local Fillets Selection - oh my fingers are just too tired to push on. Why not come and see for yourself.

    1. well Old Nev, not being a crustacean eater, a lot of that would be wasted on this philistine, but I would certainly not turn down that barramundi! We'lljust pop down for dinner! ;-)

  3. Great. You're welcome, there will be plenty of stuff without shells.

  4. It is good to see. Although all of a sudden being superceded can lead to somewhat loneliness. And then the superseder decides they can drive and the superceded is suddenly back to doing gates (I guess it could go on the fitness plan).

  5. all least you can sit in the truck and take photos of them opening gates, riding the quad bike.......great pics.


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