Sunday, July 22, 2012

of a sport I know naught about

Yesterday was the inaugural Rugby 7's competition for our area, an event that took long hours of organising and promoting by the committee - one thankfully I was NOT on!  I was however, a member of the wider body behind the Rugby 7's, so went along to man the canteen and take some team photos.

I know as much about Rugby Union as I do netball, but I can tell you I certainly can appreciate seeing a mob of strapping young men belting up and down the field, or warming up, all in close quarters. And even more, appreciate their good spirits, enthusiasm and co-operation in getting their teams photograph. I had my reservations about photographing a bunch of young men (and an odd not so young one!) in one bunch but geez, they were a pleasure to deal with.

IMG_5001  IMG_4996  The team from my neck of the woods, and if you look closely, you might see the minor celebrity that got his mug on TV last year. Clue, top row. Not looking very happy, but then again, he would be classed as an Aged Player in this team of young uns.

IMG_5148Action shot. I make a shite footy photographer :)

IMG_5133  This shot being my favourite of the day, truly showing it is indeed an outback event! and wondering how I might be able to work this into our business's advertising, as LOOK there, over in the yards. One fine looking concrete cattle trough :)

Enough of the football stuff, on with the details of the day...

IMG_5040Major sponsors of the event were treated to lunch in a beautifully presented marquee.

IMG_5042and any ladies wishing to watch the boys in style, could do so in the Ladies Tent...

IMG_5052which looked like a pretty swish place to be, with flowers on tables and all sorts of yummies and champagne to be had.

After the testosterone fest and sore muscles had been iced, and the sweat and blood washed away, there followed the Full Time Soiree, which was to be held nearby that evening, and required the frocking up of all that attended. We didn't go, feeling a wee bit long in the tooth, and rather looking forward to an early night in our jarmies, but I snuck in and had a look at how things were looking.

Pretty darned slick.

IMG_5078With beautifully set tables for the VIPS who wanted to eat sitting down (for the "older" ones like ourselves I suspect) and a generous standing area with cocktail tables for the younger set, this was all set up under the covered equestrian arena. Portable timber dance floors were laid out in front of the band area, it all looked simply amazing. My brother laid claim to actioning the brilliant old trees, which really are old trees trimmed and shoved into pots weighed down with rocks. I have no doubt that the whole area, come dark, would have looked gorgeous with twinkling fairy lights and tea lights on the tables.

IMG_5037I brought home a stubby cooler to add to the collection of other stubby coolers we, for some reason, do not use.

And was very,very pleased, that I was not some young thing living it up at the Full Time Soiree, but instead sitting with my feet up in my slippers and pj's. And I suspect, there might have been more than one young fellow feeling the affects of some hard playing wishing he were doing the same!

I don't know where ever anyone got the thought there was nothing to do in the country.


  1. Those stubby coolers breed at our place like their cousin, the "caps"....I do share the caps with Vinnies occasionally but don't feel comfortable dropping off stubby coolers!
    I agree, the further you live away from the big metropolis the more there is to attend, do and have fun with!!

  2. Nah sport isn't my forte at all either, I just say hell I am a librarian, give me a book any day!

  3. The girls and I are just so impressed by the night-time setting ... good enough for a wedding Jessie declares. We've a Charity Football match in our area in Spring, similar timetable with ladies luncheon whilst footy action abounds followed by a night-time shin-dig. Terrific fun! You're so right that there is so much to do in the bush.
    Your photography is terrific Sharon, love the flowers, and of course chuckled at the trough reference. Funny how so often it's background objects that mean so much to the onlooker.

  4. I thought the same as Fiona and her girls, the tables are more than worthy of a wedding!

  5. fabulous styling....very organic......LOVE IT


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