Wednesday, September 1, 2010

inspired by nicole

If you are a regular reader here then most likely you will have seen the work of the fabulous Nicole Southworth, who I now count amongst my friends even though I have never met her in real life (but we are working on remedying that!). Gotta love the internet!

One of her recent layouts inspired me, but not in the usual way.  Here is the layout that Nicole did (Nic, hope you don’t mind my borrowing this!)


And no, I did not scraplift the layout, as brilliant as it is! :-)  My eye was taken by the stamp that she used to journal with – one that she has had for years (I doubt it would be one still available).  Now I have found that I am not an inker or a stamper (those inkpads that I bought a while back have gone dry without even being used!).  So I made my own digital version, to be used fully digitally, or printed out and used hybridly. (is that a word? )And the best part:  NO MESSY INK REQUIRED!

And because I lack the patience to do (or find out how) dashed lines, my version is slightly different!

journalling stamp I lack the ability to give you a place to go and download this, however should you like to use this for yourself in either jpeg of psd format, leave me a comment and I will email it to you!  Just because I am in a sharing and procrastinating mood!

Its sized to 4x6 where Nicole’s original stamp is more square, but you could easily crop it in pse to achieve the square shape. (and there are no lines along the sides, as per the original)


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