Sunday, September 4, 2011

almost famous!

In national newspapers, these two papers don't rate very highly, but for anyone who does anything in the rural industry in our part of Queensland, these two papers are pretty much the only newsprint that come into our house on a weekly basis. The Bush Bible, they have been called once or twice :-)

Do you recall, last weekend we had a little ol' campdraft? Part of which involves walking the cattle in to town from a nearby property, something that has occurred for the past 5 or 6 years. This year, thanks to the great photography skills of my mate Mel, we made the front page of BOTH papers! (and a nice spread on the inside of each as well!)



Very proud of Mel, that she got TWO front page photos!


  1. famous, oh I might need your autograph now, it could be worth something in the future!!!!
    A big buzz for you all and thanks for sharing... from your city friend

  2. Well done Mel! Love that first shot ... thanks for posting these Sharon, it's always great to see what is going on in the bush!

  3. Oh yes, And I'm excited too! Thanks for sharing the excitment on your blog.

  4. Specially bought a Reggie this week to accompany the QCL. Great photography, great to see your friend getting her work on the front cover(s). Well done.


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