Monday, September 12, 2011

and so it continues

we've had a busy and varied week since I last posted, and the photos I am about to share feel like very old news, considering that the men have just gone back out to the fire front - yes, its STILL not out, a week ago we thought it was under control but its turned around to bite us again.

Anyhow, last Tuesday the husband requested I step away from my roles as IT, HR, Dispatch and Catering, and move into the Field as Gate Opener and Offsider. I would not in any way or form term this as a promotion. My role was not to involve anything more taxing or stressful than opening the odd gate or ten, and marvel at how far away from everything their fire fighting efforts were, and what a good job they had done.

Just in case, we filled the mop up unit with water on the way to inspect the fire break (from the water trough)

IMG_9355 photographing from the front of the moving ute along the barely there track was interesting. But you can see the burn on one side and the non burnt on the other.


We came across the most gorgeous flowers, these little shrubs were covered and stood out amongst both the burnt and non burnt landscape. The husband was really impressed with my desire to stop and take multiple photos. He obliged once or twice.


and we remarked on the nice clean fire break...until we found burnt country on the WRONG SIDE of the track! Ye gads, my goodness, oh no!

IMG_9395A quick reconnaissance of  the area, and we raced (well, raced being not applicable to the terrain, lets say "sped as fast as we could") back to the homestead and picked up the grader.

IMG_9410Its not exactly a racing machine either, but we made good time, and of course, my title now included that of Support Crew.

IMG_9423Support Crew meant I got to follow along behind the grader, in the ute, as he put the blade down and put in a new track from which we could block the escaped fire from, to prevent it from burning further. Bear in mind, we were still working on our immediate neighbours place, the one that was in hospital. He ended up with a broken jaw, did I tell you that?

I had time to study the flora.

IMG_9425   IMG_9432 (can anyone tell me what this pretty little flower belongs to? I do already know, but I am testing out you bushie readers)

I also had time for dodgy self portraits, and wonder woman poses.


And then we came through the trees and it was like we had reached the end of the world. It wasn't really, but we did reach the gorge country. And let me say, I have NOT brightened or colour popped the photo below in any way or form.



And then, over the ridge, we saw this, which made my Support Crew heart go pitter pat just a little (and not in a good way).

We finished grading our track, and then went back around to the previous fire break (and therefore safe, as it had already been burnt) to investigate further. Found a bit of this.

IMG_9474 The Support Crew (ie ME) was then dispatched back to the homestead, after retrieving the two lads that were patching up the fence down the track aways, to round up and wait for further manpower, for that nights burning back endeavours.

I was really wishing I was back in IT, HR and Dispatch....

The Story will continue tomorrow....


  1. While it is always good to see you, I am sorry it is in the capacity of Suport Crew! I did giggle at the idea of the grader being a speedy machine - ha!

    Good luck up there, I'll keep an eye on NAFI and hope that your quiet life resumes post haste!

  2. oh bloody hello...and i complain about a bit of house work!!!
    Sturts Dessert Pea???

  3. Quite understand the sideway promotion - perhaps under different circumstances. Hope things are all under control now.

    I do love the flora photos - I only get photos of the weeds at the gate stops (and they never have such nice flowers).

  4. Man I am so behind on my blog reading here!! Fisrtly and am no 'bushy' like not one little bit, so I don't know what that flora is, but it;s a damn nice picture of it. Question: Where are the lovely children while all this action in going on? Hope neighbour is okay!


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