Wednesday, September 14, 2011

other adventures


Headed west for a couple of days, to Cloncurry, for a little field day, to promote our business. The sunset was a glorious colour, no doubt in part due to the amount of smoke in the atmosphere from all of the fires in the north (ours being under control on our side at this stage).

photo taken from the window of the moving truck - I wrapped the strap around my wrist and poke the camera out the window and pressed the button. It worked!


  1. looks like a movie set....

  2. Beautiful1 I take a lot of pics out the window of a car! LOL

  3. Far better than the shots I take through the dirty windscreen. Of course husbands are always in far too much of a hurry to slow down, or God forbid stop!
    Your fire has even made the news down here. Yesterday's Country Hour and on radio news this morning! Hope everything's going okay.

  4. The fires are a pain, but they do make for GREAT sunset photos!

    Hope all is well :-)


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