Saturday, September 3, 2011

my baby girl is seven

and celebrated with a half cast on her foot and the requested seven shaped cake.

IMG_9322Dodgily iced (not to mention MESSY! lordy, icing and I just don't get on)  and decorated, but it wouldn't be a birthday in our house without it being so.

IMG_9326But with a few cheap decorations (cheap being the word, they did not hold up well in the stiff breeze!) the scene was set

IMG_9333and the cake was demolished

IMG_9335after the candles were blown out, and I took the fewest amount of photos ever in the history of birthdays in our family.  

Another entry in the annuls of the Dogdy Birthday Cakes, and another year older...


  1. It is a very neatly trimmed out number seven though! How grown up does she look!

  2. She's a beautiful girl Sharon ... and the cake looks damn fine too. It won't be the quality of the cake-decorating that will be remembered at the end of the day, it'll be the love of a great Mum.
    PS. I constantly struggle with cake-icing ... somebody told me one must do a 'crumb-layer', I'm flat out having time to do the final layer!

  3. Great job Sharon! That is not a dodgy cake!! She will remembre that forever.


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