Thursday, September 1, 2011

last weekend

(of course, it always takes me the best part of the week to tell you about the weekend past!)

I saw more than a bit of this:

IMG_9336(very bad campdraft photo of the spare kid on her pony)

Let me show you a more of an action shot (NOT taken by me, but by Mel)

IMG_9477That is more like it. Our friend and neighbour across the way, in action.  Anyhow, this is where I was, helping out the new girls on the block (aka Secretary and Treasurer) at their first ever organised-by-them campdraft. I have to say, it felt so much better to be assisting than organising, but then again those girls were all over it and had everything very much under control.

So, I was nicely recovering from my weekend, and feeling very much like a proud mama duck, and ready to book my weekend in Sydney for the time around next years draft. And then, look what turned up  - not an easy feat and involving a two hour bus ride from the nearest florist:

IMG_9344  awww, those girls...they sent flowers to Mel as well, so we are both feeling very loved and appreciated.

Here is the team that made it all happen, the girls also managed to round everyone up for a group photo, for the first time in our twentieth year of running. (and that would be me at the front, with eyes shut and no hat).

IMG_9346I'll be feeling their appreciation for DAYS to come, as the lillies are only just opening. I love lillies.

Thanks girls.


  1. I am impressed that you are all so well colour coordinated, and those flowers are really lovely ... the greeny foliage-y one looks very striking, if I had one clue about horticulture I would know what it is - but I don't!

  2. Well aren't the flowers a lovely thankyou. And probably very unexpected, which makes them all the more special. Love that your campdraft workers are in 'uniform' ... I think that's a great idea.
    How's the girl?


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