Tuesday, September 27, 2011

in stark contrast

to our very short time at the beach, we were barely home and the whip was cracking, and our assistance was required in laying down some poly pipe. Having our saved paddocks of grass burnt to a crisp last week threw quite a spanner in the works, but thanks to the generosity of a neighbour (one who worked with my husband, flat out on his grader, for the duration of the fires) we are able to use one of his own saved paddocks, right next door to us.

However, we needed to add in another watering point for our cattle to use, so the kids and I went off to give our expert assistance.

IMG_9591And don't they look excited (and yes, green shirts are the only fashion choice really, pink is really going against the grain! but she was insistent that the pink matched her boots)

IMG_9594Now, to lay poly pipe easily, one needs a spinner which unwinds the pipe as one drives along. (cranky, stressed out husbands are an optional extra. As are hot, bickering kids). We started at the Bore Dam.

IMG_9597Dragging the first little bit out by hand, to where it will connect to the tank.

IMG_9613And then slowly driving down the track, trailing the pipe behind, until that roll finished and we put another one on the spinner (no photos, grumpy husband required the use of me to lift on the pipe!) joined it to the pipe on the ground, and the continued. Repeat. Continue. You get the idea.

Normally one would bury the pipe under the ground (a far more complicated contract!) to keep the water cool and the pipe safe from fire etc, but this is a temporary pipeline and will be rolled up in a few months time.

We ran out of pipe, and had to go fetch some more from a stockpile across the property. I got to drive the tractor there, but had to drive this old dear home.

IMG_9615 This old Gertie, The Dodge, purrs like a kitten when you start her and growls like a tiger when you put your foot down (and has a Chrysler V8 engine, for those who like to know that stuff!) and gives off the delightful odour of petrol fumes as you burble along. She was quite a delight to drive, with no brakes and no rear view mirrors, and a seat akin to one of those dodgy fold up camper chairs that sort of fold you in half when you sit down.


We believe in keeping our antiques working til they drop. Works for both machinery and humans ;-)

Oh, I forgot to mention, the drivers side door closes with a special custom made latch, which doesn't work all of the time and give the driver a little excitement by flinging open going around corners. Which isn't really an issue as the seat has one in a firm grip that takes quite some determination to remove ones backside from. One becomes immune to such shocks, and continues driving with a carefree air, changing gears and giving the old girl a boot full (to hear the engine growl and ensure no bogging in the sand) and steering with one hand (not sure they had invented power steering back when Gertie was born) and slamming the door shut with the other.


(the custom made door latch - a bit of 63mm poly pipe jammed into the combing rail and supposedly holding the door shut once driver is installed).


The three amigos did a bit of wandering along the pipe line, keeping themselves entertained. And out of the way of hot, crotchety parents who didn't have any suitable non-maiming child friendly jobs for them to do (they did try, bless them, but the injury toll and tears were too much to bear!)


Booting the top of ant hills was also popular entertainment.


Climbing tree branches....


and clambering over the remaining coils of unused pipe.

IMG_9657Which resulted in some grubby, dusty faces (don't you just love the special faces this child gives me?! the same kid that told me, very gently, that my bum was a "little bit big". Nice little man).

Nope, we are certainly not at the beach anymore!


  1. Great post Sharon! Beach holidays are one thing, but they don't pay the bills! Brings back memories (mostly involving those crotchety temperamental husbands ... what is it about machinery, pipe and the presence of children that brings this out?), back in 2009 (worst dry spell we've experienced) we lay pipe all over this place. We buried it as well, so seemed to add to the tension levels with a dozer involved. So hot and dry, not fun. And yes, isn't it already heating and drying up. We can't complain, having had 4 inches of rain a month ago, but you can't even seen where it fell.
    Love the photos of the kids, they do well to entertain themselves don't they. Oh my gosh, and that Dodge. Of course we had one of those as well. Dad was always muttering "if you can't afford a Ford, dodge a Dodge", or something like that. Our old girl was red and there were a lot of tricks involved in driving her ... from memory both doors were working unassisted though!
    Enjoy the remainder of the holidays, I'm already feeling a little distressed about going back to school.

  2. Love seeing into your world. So many brilliant photos and so different to our day.

  3. Great post, great pics, and are you calling yourself an antique? lol


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