Saturday, April 14, 2012

bin campin

so love butchering the english language, don't you? :-)

Apparently there has been too much basking in the glory of my own fantasticness around here, so how about a change of subject. After the easter long weekend and we recovered from the sugar overload (lets just say the kids eating a fairly sizeable tupperware dish of leftover eggs that mum was supposed to dole out, in ONE SITTING did not put mum in a good mood) caught up on the laundry, late night and the excitement of it all, we went camping.

It may have been said we could have gone for a week with the amount of preparation required for just one night in the wilds, but that is all we were able to fit into our schedule. There may have been some reluctance to return to reality though.

A taste of the camping trip.....

IMG_0563There is a road there in amongst that long long grass. Lots of seed on the car and in the front grill. 

IMG_0630Our camp all set up above the river bank (second trip for the camper trailer purchased in September last year, first one being at Easter. Yes, we are slow). That bank is a lot steeper and sandier in real life than it appears in the photo. Lots of aerobic exercise. Calf muscles still tight.

IMG_0567Scenery that was very hard on the eyes. Lots of big fish seen, but not many hungry ones. Would have been easier to catch with a hand net on a long handle than a line and hook, they were so fat and lazy and uninterested in the bait. Lots of hungry small fish though!

IMG_0584  IMG_0604IMG_0594IMG_0623The water's not cold mum, its BEAUTIFUL! yeah right. Mum ain't that silly.

IMG_0635A little geology lesson.

IMG_0638  And after catching probably a dozen smaller throw-em-back in fish (husband impressed that his fishing time was taken up by unhooking fish) I just about had kittens when this bigger one turned up on the end of my line.

IMG_0646And then after that excitement and further disgust at the big fish that we could poke with the end of our lines but wouldn't bite, and the kids had another swim in the its-not-cold-mum water, we took ourselves off home. I must say, that warm shower was heavenly after the skinny dipping, speedy wash of all smelly bits in the frigid water the evening before!

I have more photos of our wildlife adventure walk on the other camera. I'll share them soon!


  1. So different to our camping ...did u eat the fish

  2. Fishing. Now that's what I call a Blog. Geez that's a great spot. Hope you had a good rest. Pity about the fish, But stuff happens.

  3. Oh god I hate camping, all that packing and unpacking and washing. I am a 5 star hotel girl, which doesn't quite fit with the rest of the family.

    Our last camping experience was the deni ute muster- where you could actually buy food and they had toilets and showers- even if there was a quagmire and overflowing shower water (YUK) to get to and from them. Everyone, bar me, loved it! It must just go against my whole being, coz I got horrendously ill with a flu after that sub human experience!


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