Monday, April 23, 2012


yes more wedding invitations, this time with a much tighter brief, the bride having a strong idea of what she wanted and the groom as well (no pink or bright-bloody-colours!) although we sure showed him - he never said anything about RIBBON!

Dress making will commence for the girls in due course, they are terribly excited about being flowergirls, and the boy is a Ring Bear/Cowboy (his idea of his task) with a cute little suit. Father of these children is aghast that he will have to wear his suit AND a tie (bride did suggest a pink sparkly light up twirly one which was not well accepted). Mother of children and sister to the groom is also having dress angst, having decided to wear TWO outfits, pants to the ceremony to prevent any knicker showage when assisting in photographic endeavours, and then a dress to the reception so as to glam it up just a wee bit.

Am thinking of black boards with swirly chalked lettering on it. Must talk to the bride. She likes swirly. Exciting times.


  1. Oh you are so sneaky!

    I simple cannot understand what the problem is with wearing a pink sequinned light-up bow tie! ;-) Not his image?

  2. Looks the writing and the simple ribbon.


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