Thursday, April 5, 2012

rainbow toes

one really shouldn't just paint over the top of deep red polish, and then go traipsing across the lawn before it dries. Oh well. All about keeping it real, and all about THIS. Do go and visit and find out why.

IMG_0504 That big toe is hiding for a reason! And yes, my feet are a little bit grubby. Dirt is good, yes? :-)

Happy Easter everyone.


  1. We love 'keeping it real'. Good on you. I keep hoping for an update, hope she's going well.

  2. Sharon, if you go to, you can link up with everybody else.

  3. Love this...just yesterday I found out that one of the mothers in our soccer team (whose son is autistic but playing soccer but thats another good story) has had both breasts removed and had complications. Dont know full story...was too shocked to this arvo I will do this for her too xx


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