Tuesday, April 3, 2012

one day...

We live in an old, tongue and groove timber house, that slowly over the years we've been doing bit and pieces too. Its not a big house, and as the kids get bigger I keep feeling the need to expand so there is a just a bit more space for everyone, but particularly mum and dad for some peace and quiet!

On the list, for Lotto Winnings/Spare Cash expenditure (ha ha!) is a long verandah along the side of the house, joining onto our existing small front verandah....something like this: (bless you google images! I always find what I am looking for there)

The other day, wandering around BUNNY'S (Bunnings for the rest of the nation) I found the perfect furniture with which to fill my one-day verandah. Nothing like counting ones chickens or putting the cart before the horse of course.

For dining - and the stools tuck under the table when not in use, creating a nice tidy area.... ($498.00, what a bargain ;-)

IMG_0481 And in the corner, for reading the paper, drinking a coffee, having a snooze, entertaining guests, or hiding from the kids:

IMG_0484Seriously, this couch was built for lounging. I sat on a few, waiting for the kids as they galloped around the playground as if they had never seen one before, and this one was IT. The others didn't even come near to being as comfortable.  If you are in the market for some outdoor seating, I suggest you look at this one. For a mere $999 it can be yours :-) Sure as eggs it won't be around the one-day when I might find myself requiring one.

Unfortunately the husband would neither take a photo of me relaxing on "my" outdoor lounge, nor let me take it home with me.

He wasn't keen on these either:

IMG_0480Even though I do think my argument that they are far cleaner and cheaper to operate than the live version was very valid.

Party pooper.

Sigh. Bunny's. Fun for the whole family :-)

(and so endeth our city adventures!)


  1. I'm told Lotto's worth 13 mill tonight ... but you'll have to share.

  2. Verandah is a great idea.....our's is only a relatively recent addition and we live on it. Never mind that we don't have nearly enough bedrooms!
    I was flicking through a house magazine ((dangerous!) and found the perfect day bed. My dear husband said, "I could build that for you." I know he could, but where in the dickens will he find the time!?
    Moral, BUNNY'S here we come for the materials!

  3. Love all three...and so darn cute them there duckies!!!


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