Sunday, April 22, 2012

the perils of having big sisters

IMG_20120422_164713wearing a hannah montana wig, a pair of his sisters undies and sisters dress up top. A boys gotta do what a boys gotta do. Compromise, can't be lego building and playing pirates and building dams at the sandpit all of the time, can we?

Its also very handy for mother to photograph and thinking how useful these photos will be in years to come :-)


  1. My younger brother has four older sisters, we did this ALL of the time ... until he could punch us and run away!

    Bears a striking remeblence to his eldest sister!

  2. hehehe just realised it was the boy lol

  3. Me too....I was thinking how cute your little girl dressing up and oh how short that was!!! But I had to do a double take after reading it.....that's the country spirit!! Anything goes....fantastic. I set myself up with an Instragram page after seeing yours and to my amazement when I logged in all my photos from my phone appeared even though I hadn't sunk my iphone to the computer in months. WOW - how does that work, amazing.

  4. I have older sisters, much older in fact. I never had the privilege of knowing what it's like to grow up with them. I wouldn't change anything, though. They've taught me a lot, and let's just say they are making up for lost time. We have mostly girls in my family, so having two boys is sometimes difficult yet amazing all at the same time.

  5. Lol ... life for my brother is very similar. Bring on the 18th and 21st parties so all the photos can go on show.

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