Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This weekend

Do you remember this, from last year? (did I show it to you?)

IMG_2684Well, the time has come, and this has been on the fridge for a little while, reminding us of the fun to come...


Along with this one too. I might have had a hand in the design of each ;-)


Gathering up all of the saved coffee bottles from around the place, cleaning, de-labelling, and prettying up with a tag (featuring the cute birdy/flower graphic on the invite) and string, and plunking in some candles to go on the white clad tables at the country garden wedding. She has lanterns to string through the trees and around the place, and some of the big paper ones to hang in special spots. It should look just GORGEOUS.

And then finding my camera and giving it a bit of a de-dusting and putting on my photographers hat. This wedding photography lark is starting to become a (non-paying!) habit. Thankfully I have my lovely mate Mel as wing man. She's a handy one to have around when time is of an essence, the days are getting shorter and dusk falls all too quickly.

And both husbands will be there to supervise the kids. Hmm. They are easily distracted (the husbands, not the kids) Hoping they don't end up in a shed getting their wedding finery covered in grease (kids, not the husbands).

Stressing just a little. A few butterflies. Hoping I get time and a few quiet moments to catch my favourite details shots (the dress, the ring, the shoes, the lanterns, the glass bottles with the candles. The flowers.). Hoping that I get THE shot of the bride and groom. You know the one. It can't be set up, just pressing the button at the right time, catching a smile, the joy.

And with all of that floating around in the ether, luckily I had a friend do some easter bunny shopping!

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  1. I'm quite envious of your planned weekend ... I love weddings. Although I'm sure there are a few nerves when camera is in hand. Enjoy yourself.


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