Monday, April 2, 2012

a first for the kids

allright, so we don't get out much, but when in the city the other day, the kids had their first dining experience outside of the local cafe or Macca's. It was indeed a big deal, especially I wouldn't let them OR the husband eat anything before going out as I did not want any (expensive) half eaten plates of food lying around the table.

Now I know this isn't exactly fine dining, but we went to Sizzlers.  A wee bit classier than Maccas, and the kids loved it!  I loaded them up with spaghetti bolognaise from the salad bar first, and then the girls ventured off to get their own salad.


IMG_0476Please note her choice of salad - yes I have bred a child that loves her raw salad vegetables. And she ate it all. Georgie got very much similar, except more beetroot and bacon, and Angus after spying my pumpkin soup declared that is what HE wanted and he did indeed gobble it up.

The Husband was most pleased with his sizzling beef and prawns....(if only a photo had SOUND! they didn't call it sizzling for nothing!)IMG_0475 The highlight of course for the kids, was dessert....soft serve ice cream (chocolate AND vanilla!)  and any number of delicious toppings...kid heaven. They all went home holding their very full bellies, and I am pleased to report no one put their feet on the table, spilled food or drink or generally behaved like a hooligan in any way. They obviously save it all for home!


  1. These kids absolutely love Sizzler! Dad will not step foot in the place, something to do with an imported beef fiasco many years ago, but sometimes if time allows I will take them in the holidays for lunch. Yum. Now you've got me thinking ... we're off to town tomorrow with the usual round of hair appointments etc. Maybe we'll fit in a Sizzler stop.

  2. Sizzlers, the only good reason for living near a big town. Don't forget to ask for your Sizzlers Card, equals a 20% discount any time you eat there.

  3. Oh...loved Sizzler...dont have one here anymore :(


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