Friday, June 29, 2012

A country garden

My mum's to be specific. Its been built on and expanded and grown and worked on religiously for nearly forty years, or maybe more...this is it in its current state today. Large and sprawling and going through constant change, some big, some little. Not modern, but green and growing. A true country garden.



One of the new sections, the gravelled area with old fencepost bridge.

IMG_0863IMG_0866Sweeping lawns with raised, shady garden beds.

IMG_0869   On the edge of the hill, one sees snatches of the landscape beyond through the foliage. Tough, hardy bougainvillea gives a splash of colour.

IMG_0871The old mother in law's tongue, the bane of my child hood (a large garden bed of the stuff wasn't called the snake pit for nothing) has been allowed to stay, one small bit of it in a pot as a concession to the new modern trend. I'm still not convinced myself. Pavers to allow, with luck, access to the toilet and office end of the house without trudging mud/cow poo everywhere else.

IMG_0875IMG_0876The lawn and garden beds wrap themselves around the house, protecting and cooling from the harsh seasons...

IMG_0878Dad calls this the turkeys nest (back up supply of water for the house and livestock should the bore stop pumping for whatever reason) Mum calls it her pond. ;-) A little family of ducks live here, and we think a turtle (well I put it there, but it has only been "maybe" sighted since).

IMG_0882AIMG_0883All manner of plants rub shoulders together...

IMG_0885some strategically planted to allow the view off the hill to peek through, some to block the wind, and some just because they grew where nothing else would.

IMG_0886   More water storage, the working end of the horse (and not co-incidentally, the side where the prevailing wind attacks from. Getting washing to dry isn't normally an issue at mum's place!) and a garden bed slowly being filled.

There you have it, a tour of a true country garden...hope you've enjoyed the wander around!     


  1. It's really interesting seeing a garden like your Mum's, for starters, the size differential in comparison to a city garden is almost unfathomable! A lot of city people have water tanks now, well in our area they do - not this industrial size though!

  2. Hi Sharon,

    I love reading your blog! I am from Melbourne, but live in Switzerland, and your blog keeps me in touch with Aussie humour, sayings and vistas. This post was a classic Sharon-post in its loveliness and gentleness. Technically speaking, it may be more an outback garden than a country garden (we Melbournites have layers of outbackness extending outward from the central business district), and I loved every moment of the tour. My mum has something similar, relatively much closer to the city, but the space to plan endless new garden beds gives her so much joy (and so much work)... Your post reminded me of her.

    Love your work, lady.

    Kindest regards

  3. There you go Sharon, it's not only me.

    1. ah, flattering will get you nowhere old nev (isnt that how the saying goes!) have you seen the comment left young Fiona?

  4. Awesome place for the kids to run and run :)


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