Wednesday, August 1, 2012

one of those spur of the moment projects

well, sort of, I had the materials laying around for a looooong time. I spied my tin of red spray paint, and suddenly the urge to paint something overtook me.

I went to the cupboard that The Husband doesn't ever go into (a bit like The Shed Of Strange Things) and retrieved some large chipboard letters I had bought probably five years ago, but hadn't done anything with them. I KNOW. Armed with my tin of spray paint, and finding a really useful makeshift spray booth, got to work. Spray paint is very satisfying.


(the garden trailer, a great little spray booth!)


IMG363unfortunately, my initial plan of where I was going to mount these in his room has failed. I planned to lean them against the wall, sitting on the blind pelmet in his room. But after investigation, the blind pelmet doesn't have a wide enough ledge to hold them steady.  But, for the purposes of a little photo shoot, here they are, abbreviated and cheekily perched on top of the mirror.

IMG372Now that I look at the photograph, I notice the paint doesn't seem even, especially on the S, but I hadn't noticed until now (and look in the mirror, heh heh!) Maybe another quick spray is called for.

IMG371My next step will be to get some blutak - around here the stuff seems to evaporate, I know not where as there is no blutak on the walls anywhere in the house.  I'll simply blutak them to the wall above his bed now.

Only five and bit years after the fact, but better late than never!

And anything to get out of doing any real housework :)


  1. Fun!
    Where do you think they will end up?

  2. They will be great! Ha I have projects tat are decades in the making! Try those hook and loop things by 3m, i think they would be more secure than blutac, and easier to get to stay straight.

  3. This post has reminded me that I also purchased letter for my son about 8 years ago. So I went hunting and yes they are still in the cupboard in the shed. After looking at yours mine are now dusted off and I am deciding what I will do with them - all I know so far is that red looks the go.

  4. What is it with blu-tac and sticky-tape? I'm always threatening to buy the kids bundles of the stuff for Christmas!


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