Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a break in transmission

photonot as bad as it looks, just a precautionary back slab (or half cast). Not sure what is happening next, of course living in the bush means medical advice can be a slow process, so right now we are waiting for the orthopaedic people in Townsville to review the x-rays and decide if there is a fracture somewhere in her foot. After two trips to town so far (160km tally so far) and a bit of waiting around and hospital politics, my tolerance levels are getting low...however with the back slab on we have bought some time and I will bide my time and see if the system works before donning my cranky pants!

of course, this all happens in the lead up to our annual campdraft this weekend, of which I am former secretary, not that I am let off the hook, I have to oversee the new girls on the block and fill any gaps.

Oh, and that kid up there with the new foot accessory...its her birthday this weekend too.

God has a pretty dry sense of humour.


  1. Yes, they can be so inconvenient with their illnesses and breakages!

    Is she in pain now?

  2. Oh dear!
    I think a full blow-by-blow description of the event leading to such catastrophe is necessary. Not bikes and little red wagons I hope.
    Do hope she's feeling okay, probably once the initial pain subsides the fun of having a cast will take over. Our birthday girl only has two sleeps to go, also turning 7.
    Enjoy the campdraft. Don't put too much pressure on the new girls!

  3. What a pain in the neck, perhaps think of it as a new photography project to take some interesting photos of the leg in all it's glory!!!


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